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June 08, 2020


What Kind of Gift Giver Are You?

Everyone has their own style of giving! Discover what kind of gift giver you are by taking this fun quiz. Select the gift you think best fits each question below, then tally up your answers to find out your gifting personality!

1. Which gift would you give to a friend who is brilliant?

A. One of a Kind Guided Journal
B. Smarty Pants Medal
C. “You are a marvel” Wood Art

2. Which gift would you give to a friend who is bold?

A. Fearless Wood Art
B. Badass Medal
C. “You are weird, unique, and wildly perfect.” Write Now Journal

3. Which gift would you give to a friend who is creative?

A. What Do You Do With an Idea? Illustrated Children’s Book
B. Trust Your Crazy Ideas Gift Book
C. “The world is waiting for you and the stories you will tell.” Wire-O Notebook

4. Which gift would you give to a friend who just got a new job or promotion?

A. You Got This Wood Art
B. Best Hands Down Medal
C. “Expect the most wonderful things to happen.” Write Now Journal

5. Which gift would you give to your mom?

A. “A mother’s arms are made of tenderness” Wood Art
B. Everyday Wonder Medal
C. Mom, I Wrote a Book about You Fill-In Gift Book

6. Which gift would you give to a coworker who is always there to help?

A. Grateful Gift Book
B. World Changer Medal
C. You Make the World Better Wood Art

7. Which gift would you give to your dad?

A. I Love You Dad: And Here’s Why Fill-In Gift Book
B. Stuff of Legends Medal
C. You’re Crazy Good Wood Art

8. Which gift would you give to inspire a little one?

A. Once Upon a Time Storytelling Kit
B. Superpowers! Activity Book
C. Maybe Illustrated Children’s Book

If you answered mostly As:
You’re a sweet and sentimental gift giver! You love to make sure your gifts are filled with meaning, and that they reflect just how much you truly care.

If you answered mostly Bs:
You’re a bold and encouraging gift giver! You enjoy letting loved ones know you’ve got their back. You’re a true friend who always wants to cheer others on.

If you answered mostly Cs:
You’re a thoughtful and sincere gift giver! It’s important to you that your gifts bring a touch of heart at the perfect time—and that your friends and loved ones know that you see all the good things they bring to the world.

Share your answers by heading over to our Instagram page and commenting with your results! We’d love to know your favorite way of sharing affection with the world!

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