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March 15, 2021


Our Favorite Things: Discover Our Staff Picks

Every time we create a gift, we imagine how it might be able to meet someone exactly where they are, and offer inspiration that speaks to the heart. As a staff, we all have Compendium gifts that have spoken to us in personal and meaningful ways. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Up for Anything
A Year of Creative Living

“I love Up for Anything because I’m the kind of person who gets stuck in routines. The activities in this card deck help me channel my playful side by getting me to try new things, like wearing clothes I wouldn’t usually wear, or making art from ordinary objects. It’s an easy way to test the waters outside your comfort zone and shake up your day. Plus it helps me see my world a little differently—with a little more appreciation and zest for life.” —Kristin, Editor

Better Together
52 Activities to Spark Connection

“The smallest act of connection always makes me incredibly happy and Better Together encourages me to reach out and make sure my family and friends know that I care. Each card has activity ideas with fun ways to make someone smile. In general, we aren’t always inclined to ask others for help, but it really is a joy to be involved in people’s lives, and this set reminds me how much I love that! And the effects of kind acts are cumulative. The boxed set design also looks super cool so I like having it around, which continually reminds me to pick a card and see how I can do some good.” —Megan, Art Director

This Is Permission

“Life is filled with challenging moments, but the past year has tested many of us in new ways: illness, relationship changes, job loss, isolation, insecurity. This book is a reminder that all the feelings that come with these experiences (sorrow, wonder, anger, hope) are valid and may change hourly. It has given me permission to be gentle with myself as I navigate the ups and downs of life. It’s a book I find myself returning to again and again.” —Justine, Designer

What If
Big Questions & Simple Exercises for a Meaningful Life

“I am a huge fan of What If. I love the idea of knowing what you want and actually taking the action steps to get it (instead of just dreaming about it). The questions in the book really help light that fire. One of the things that really draws me to this product is the fact that it is a hybrid of a classic gift book and activity journal all in one. It’s perfect for someone who struggles with journaling because it feels easy enough to fill out while still remaining thought-provoking. I also love the way the design came out: a unique, semi-concealed wire-O format, bright colors, and energizing patterns. It’s both fun and modern.” —Chelsea, Designer

When You Love a Cat

“A product I love is When You Love a Cat. There are a lot of reasons this is a meaningful product for me, the first being I’m a huge cat lover and I think this is such a touching and special book to gift someone. The second reason I love it is because I made it—but I wasn’t supposed to! This title was originally slated to have an outside illustrator work on it. She dropped out at the last minute, so I had to step in and illustrate the whole book. I was nervous since I had to work in a completely new style for me, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I even got to include my two cats as illustrations, so it truly was a labor of love for me!”—Jessica, Designer

Just for Today
A Guided Journal for Healing, Hope, and Daily Care

“Our guided journal Just for Today has been instrumental to my self-care routine during quarantine this last year. I find it so helpful to track what’s good in this moment in an intentional way when the rest of the world feels so volatile. My favorite morning routine is to go to the beach and journal while I’m drinking my coffee. It’s so relaxing and helps me set my intentions for the day.” —Moira, Consumer Communication Specialist

I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You
(A Book about Being Your Friend.)

“This book makes me smile every single time I open it! Every page feels like a hug from a really good friend and highlights how wonderful it feels to be fully loved, fully known, and fully accepted. The main characters are an adorable bumblebee and lightning bug (how magical!), depicted through collage-style illustrations. It’s the perfect mix of playful and sophisticated. This book is a beautiful way to express heartfelt thanks to someone you’re glad to share life with, whether it’s your best friend or partner. We could all use more of those caring reminders of how much we mean to others.” —Kimberly, Sales & Marketing Editor

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