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July 02, 2021


5 Simple Ways to Begin a Journaling Practice

A journal can be like a faithful friend—a place to brainstorm ideas, process emotions, and turn to during difficult times. But journaling can have a meaningful impact on your well-being too, with studies showing it can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and even boost your immune system.

Creating space in your routine for journaling can be a soothing self-care practice. And the wonderful thing is, there is no “wrong” way to do it. Simply choose a journaling style that speaks to you and dedicate 10–15 minutes each day to dive in. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Gratitude Journal

    Take a moment each day to record something you are grateful for. It might be the sound of a child’s laughter, a conversation with a dear friend, or a delicious meal. No joy is too small! Keep your gratitude journal on your nightstand to complete before bed or write in it during your morning coffee. The more you take time to notice the good, the more good you will notice. 

    A place to begin:

      2. List/Bullet Journal

        Lists are an easy way to organize your passions and priorities. Let the blank pages of your journal be permission to dream, create action steps, and celebrate your accomplishments. Fill the pages with lists for family experiences you want to have, books you want to read, career pursuits, or bucket-list items. Then check off the boxes and get excited about the life you are creating.

        A place to begin:

          3. Travel Journal

            Create a beautiful archive of your travel adventures. Capture everything from the foods you try, to the people you meet, to the questions you explore. Remember, you don’t have to take a big trip around the world. A travel journal can hold memories and reflections from an in-town excursion to exploring a new neighborhood too. 

            A place to begin:

            4. Nature Journal

              A nature journal is an invitation to notice the fine details of life. Take it on a “sound” scavenger hunt and write down every noise that you hear. Or, if you’re feeling creative, use your journal to draw an awe-inspiring sunset, a bird you encounter on a walk, or a flower you find on a hike. Let the pages help you embrace the beauty in the natural world. 

              A place to begin:

              5. Guided Journal

                The questions we are ask ourselves largely shape the answers we discover. And the prompts in a guided journal can spark a beautiful journey of self-discovery and introspection. Each page is an opportunity to quiet the distractions and listen to the clear, true callings of your heart. 

                A place to begin:

                • Start Small
                  Intentions and Activities to Create a Life You Love
                • One of a Kind
                  A Guided Journal for Celebrating All That You Are
                • Just for Today
                  A Guided Journal for Healing, Hope, and Daily Care


                  Whatever style you choose, we hope your journaling practice helps you explore new ways of seeing your world, and who you are within it. Discover more journals & notebooks to support your self-care here.

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