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One More Book Before Bed: A Comforting Nighttime Ritual for Kids


Bedtime routines are invitations for children to wind down—to put worries away for a bit and settle into rest. Sometimes, though, the thoughts of the day continue to churn which can make it difficult to fall asleep. One More Book Before Bed is an interactive read-aloud that helps little ones relax their body, express their emotions, and calm their mind before slumber.

Written by M.H. Clark and illustrated by Inbar Heller Algazi, One More Book Before Bed is a tool for parents and caregivers to start meaningful and grounding conversations with kids. Rather than a traditional narrative, the rhyming words in this book are more of a template, offering children discussion questions and mindfulness exercises, inspired by somatic practices. Every time you read the pages, there is more to discover, and more ways to grow.

We asked award-winning children’s book author M.H. Clark about her process in creating this unique reading experience for kids and adults alike.

This book really is so much more than a bedtime story. How would you describe it?

One More Book Before Bed is more than a book… it’s a nighttime ritual of comfort and connection. These pages are a safe place for little ones to process the day and put it away, with the guidance of a parent or caregiver. This book is never the same two nights in a row—it changes as the days change and grows as your child grows.

What inspired you to write a book about bedtime and how is it different from other read-alouds?

I was inspired to write this book because I see a real need for moments like the ones this title creates—intentional time between a child and a caregiver where the caregiver is guided in creating a bedtime ritual. Little ones benefit so much from a safe place to talk about their feelings, connect to their bodies, and quiet their minds. This book does all of that, in a way that can become a beautiful nighttime routine.

Whereas most bedtime books focus on a story about someone or something else, One More Book Before Bed is all about the child—their day, their feelings, and creating a bedtime moment that feels soothing for them. One More Book Before Bed really centers the child’s emotional and physical experience—something that’s very unique among bedtime stories.

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What do you hope children and parents and caregivers will experience as they read these words?

It’s my hope that this book becomes a cherished and eagerly anticipated part of bedtime—that little ones look forward to the conversations it creates, the calmness it offers, and the sense of peace it gives before falling asleep.

I also hope that children and parents or caregivers find that this book offers moments of deep connection, and that the skills it builds—processing the day, feeling our feelings, settling our bodies, and asking for the things we want and need—create a sense of safety, comfort, and ease for the entire family.


Encourage feelings of calm and security for a child with the soothing sentiments, meditative exercises, and interactive questions inside One More Book Before Bed today. Find it here.

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