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June 20, 2023


Discover the Creative Inspiration behind Our Big Sibling Kit


For a child who’s used to being an only child or the youngest in their family, learning that a new sibling is on the way can create a lot of excitement. But it can also evoke feelings of anxiety, jealousy, or fears of being replaced.

Sharing a parent’s love and attention is something a child might not be used to yet. Our new big sibling kit, Just One Me, is a tool to help your child navigate these complex feelings while reassuring them that they are one of a kind and so very loved. It’s a celebration of everything that makes the child who they are and a reminder that a growing family means more love to go around, not less.

Inside the kit you’ll find an activity book for the child to fill out with their parent. Read it aloud to help kids imagine what their relationship with the new baby will be like—what they will share and what they won’t, how they can help, and tips for stepping into a new role as an older sibling. The kit also includes a cuddly koala plush to offer a child a sense of comfort during this time of big emotions and big change.

We asked M.H. Clark, the author of the kit’s interactive book, about her inspirations and what feelings she hopes children and parents will take away when they complete the activities together.

Tell us a little bit about what makes this book special.

Just One Me is for any child who’s about to become a big sibling. With nuance and sensitivity, it offers deep affirmation of the older child’s importance and irreplaceability, while also explaining what things will change and what things will stay the same once the new baby arrives. A gentle interactive component offers young readers and parents a chance to connect, while a rhyming poem throughout the book offers real, tangible clarity around the older sibling’s place in their growing family.

Do you have a favorite moment from the creative process?

I loved tying this book together with the poem that runs throughout. To me, it feels like several books in one, and it’s especially important to offer the reminder: I’ll have a bigger family, but there will still be just one me.

Who do you think could benefit from receiving this kit as a gift?

Written to appeal to a wide variety of ages, siblings that are toddlers through early elementary school will find affirmation in these pages and understanding that will help them ease into the transition of welcoming a new baby into the family.

How do you hope children and families will find themselves in these pages?

I hope that children and families find lots of value in the different types of activities this book contains. With rhymes to read aloud, pictures to draw, and prompts to fill in, this book is the perfect way to talk about the future, imagine what’s to come, and remind a soon-to-be older sibling that they are loved and irreplaceable.


We hope that this kit will soothe any fears the soon-to-be new sibling has and remind them of all the fun adventures and memories that await them. Discover it here.

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