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August 31, 2021


Cure the Bedtime Blues With Good Night Monster

Bedtime can be a challenging time for kids—with its dark shadows, creepy corners, and of course, potential monsters lurking under the bed. Luckily, our Good Night Monster is here to save the day. This adorable, friendly plush monster is the perfect antidote to bedtime fears. Parents can set up Monster as a protective guardian in areas of their child’s room that typically spark anxious feelings, helping kids feel safe and comforted as they fall asleep.

Good Night Monster comes with a companion storybook, a letter to your child, and tips for grown-ups on how to use Monster to help kids face their nighttime fears. Lauren Neil of the Instagram account @picturebookplaydate used Good Night Monster with her own children. We asked her about her experience.

What has bedtime been like for your children?

My kids have been fairly laid-back when it comes to going to bed (we got lucky!), but they have had some anxieties around darkness, so that's where Monster has been a fun tool for us to use together.

How did you choose to incorporate Monster into their routine?

I love how the book gives you an easy opening to talk with your children about their fears and what they'd like Monster to do to help. So in our case, when we talked about how Monster could help, my kids immediately suggested he could keep an eye on the dark areas of their rooms and the bathroom. We liked how Monster keeps a careful eye on all of the shadows and makes sure the night-light stays on all night.

What was your children’s favorite part of the companion storybook?

The book addresses several common fears that kids may identify with (like the fear of the dark) and, if your child has a fear that isn't in the text, it provides a great opportunity to have an open-ended talk about what their fears may be.

How did you position Monster while your children slept?

My kids insisted on keeping Monster in bed with them, which didn't give me much opportunity for moving him around! Both of my children connected with Monster; he's soft and a great size to cuddle! My six-year-old has kept him in her bed ever since he arrived!

How has Monster impacted the way you and your children create bedtime routines together and your relationship to that time of night?

In our case, Monster served as a tool to solidify our bedtime routine of reading before bed and having open conversations about anything that may be bothering them or causing them anxiety. And if one of them is feeling particularly anxious, it's great to have Monster on hand.

What would you tell other parents about Good Night Monster?

I would definitely recommend parents use Monster as a bedtime tool; bedtime can be such a challenge and kids often need reassurances that they will be safe, whatever their fears may be. Monster provides an easy way for kids to verbalize their fears and have a concrete way to address them.


You can find our Good Night Monster Gift Set here.

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