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August 03, 2020


Meet the Cats of Compendium

We might be in the middle of the dog days of summer, but cats have our attention right now! August 8 is International Cat Day, and in honor of the occasion, we’re sharing our favorite feline friends with you.

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Meet Truffle Kerfuffle and Cookies ‘n’ Cream

Truffle and Cookie’s Human:
Amelia, Senior Writer/Editor

Truffle (left) and Cookie (right) will both be 3 this October.

How Truffle and Cookie got their names:
We fostered a litter of kittens with their mama two summers ago. We named the entire litter, including their mama, after Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors. Once the litter was ready to be spayed and neutered, we decided we loved Cookie and Truffle too much to part with them.

Favorite places:
Cookie loves to sleep under the covers. Truffle loves to be wherever she will get the most pets!

Most lovable things Cookie and Truffle do:
Cookie is the shy one; she loves to have her belly rubbed and will roll onto her back to give the best access for scratches. Truffle is a loon, and will meow loudly even when she’s really happy. (It’s like no one told her she can have a different volume!)

What do your cats add to your life?
We’ve never had two cats at the same time before. It’s such a joy to see how much they love each other, and how different their personalities are. We’ve had them since they were three weeks old, and a really special bond happens when you’ve known each other for so long. In so many ways, their personalities are really the same as when they were little!


Meet Cyan Pearla

Cyan’s Human:
Megan, Art Director


How Cyan got her name:
Cyan’s breed is called British blue or English shorthair. Her name is an artsy word for blue. Her dense fur also has the sheen of a natural black pearl. She’s a beauty with amber eyes.

Favorite place to hang out:
Cyan is happiest when we get a new cardboard box from Costco. Instead of a kitchen island, we have a box for her in the middle of the floor. She sits there all the time. Sometimes it becomes several boxes, creating a fort for her.

Most unique thing Cyan does:
She wants anything that belongs to our dog Muji: food, bed, toys. When we first got Cyan, I bought a fancy water filter bowl, which she ignored. She soon figured out a way to climb a nearby plant stand in order to access our dog’s raised water bowl instead. Now we have a mini step stool for Cyan to easily reach Muji’s backwash.

What do you love most about your cat?
She’s a purrface. When you walk into a room, before you even see her you hear her purr. She loves my husband best, which is fine, I get it. I follow her around and wake her up just to hassle her—I want to squeeze and kiss her all the time. She smells like fresh whipped cream.


Meet Oliver

Oliver’s Human:
Melissa, Graphic Designer


How Oliver got his name:
I have always had female cats but when I went to the Humane Society, I fell for his sweet eyes staring back at me through the cage door. When they told me he was male, I instantly said, “Hi, Oliver!”

Favorite place:
Sitting on my lap! Whenever I sit down, Oliver comes trotting up looking for cuddles. He likes to keep me company from room to room.

Most lovable thing Oliver does:
He has the cutest meow. It sounds the same as when he was a kitten! I also love his extreme nuzzling and constant head bonks.

What does your cat add to your life?
He really is the heart of my home. Seeing him when I come home is always my favorite part of the day.


Meet Roscoe and Reuben

Roscoe and Reuben’s Human:

Jessica, Designer

Roscoe (left) is 8 and Reuben (right) is 12.

How Roscoe and Reuben got their names:
When we got Reuben, we already had a cat named Renton, so we thought we’d continue with an R name. There was a postcard on our fridge with a stamp on it picturing Ruben Salazar, so I said, “How about Reuben?” When Renton passed, we knew we’d give our new cat an R name too, so we listed out a few that sounded nice. Roscoe just looked like a Roscoe!

Favorite places:
Roscoe is generally stretched out on the back of our couch, while Reuben prefers the cushions.

Most lovable and unique things your cats do:
Reuben will be friends with anyone! He’s constantly purring and gives the best “love eyes,” where he leans back and looks up at us with total devotion. Then he gets mad when we don’t pet him fast enough!

Roscoe is the quirkiest cat I’ve ever owned. It’s hard to pick just one thing that’s unique about him. I especially love how he’ll stick his whole head inside a shoe, then wildly move his arms around. We now refer to it as “Kitty VR.”

What do you love most about your cats?
If we’re sitting, Reuben either needs to be next to us or on us. He loves to be constantly snuggled and he’s always expressing how much he needs us.

I love how Roscoe is such a unique little guy. He really only shows his true self to a select few. He is gentle, sensitive, and loves to greet me with a raspy meow and a lingering lean—which is his version of a hug.


Jackson and Stella’s Human:
Shelia, Project Manager

Both Jackson (left) and Stella (right) just turned 7 but Jackson still acts like a baby.

How Jackson and Stella got their names:
At the shelter, Jackson was originally Jack, but I preferred Jackson. Stella was originally Claudette, but I kept thinking about the play A Streetcar Named Desire and renamed her Stella.

Favorite places:
Jackson’s favorite place is by his food, or laying by the fireplace on his back. Stella loves to curl up in a chair in the living room or on me.

Most lovable and unique things your cats do:
Stella sits on me and we take naps together often. Jackson is a purr machine, especially when he sleeps next to me. Oh, and he always tells me when he uses the litter pan. Always. He likes it super-duper clean.

What do your cats add to your life? 
It’s calming to have them around (except when they’re crazy). I love Jackson’s voice. He almost chirps or sounds like a pigeon. And I love that Stella picked me. There was a bond from the very beginning.


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