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August 18, 2022


Meet Our Warehouse Pups

Walk into our warehouse on any given day and you’ll be greeted by our tail-wagging welcoming committee! These dogs are the furry family members of our warehouse crew—and they’ve become part of the Compendium crew too. With their sloppy kisses and playful pleas for petting, our warehouse pups add so much joy to our workdays. So, for National Dog Day we’re sharing some of our favorite cuddly coworkers with you.

Name: Benedict Hollandaise

Also answers to: Bennie

Pet parent: Andrea

Age: 3

Breed: Boston terrier

Special pooch power: Bennie regularly sprints around and jumps over obstacles. He may also launch himself 6 feet across the room and land on your lap.

Favorite workday pastime: Bennie absolutely loves attention and will lay on anyone or anything for snuggles

Name: Kimber

Also answers to: Bo Bo

Pet parent: Andrea

Age: 10

Breed: Pit bull

Amusing misdeed: Kimber recently had surgery and was tired of her inflatable donut around her neck... She pulled it off and ripped out the plug so we could no longer inflate the donut.

Favorite place to hang in the warehouse: Her favorite place is by the front door so she can greet everyone when they walk in.

Name: Gambit

Age: 4.5

Pet parent: DJ

Breed: Golden retriever

Favorite pastime: Gambit loves bouncing around and getting pets from everyone.

Claim to fame: All the other dogs at the warehouse love Gambit. Gambit loves Bennie and tolerates the rest.

Favorite place to hang out at the warehouse: Gambit usually hangs out in the front office under a desk, taking up all the foot room of whatever desk he chooses, usually in an effort to hide from Bandit (see the next profile). But his favorite place is out in the aisles of the warehouse.

Name: Bandit

Also answers to: Bandito

Pet parents: Chris and Madison

Age: 1

Breed: Husky

Favorite treat: Chicken jerky

Favorite pastimes: Bandit is very into parkour, talking, and booping.

Favorite place to hang in the warehouse: Bandit loves to hang out with Gambit (see photo above!) or sleep at Madison’s feet.

Name: Axle. His full name is Axle Maui because he has Maui’s hook on his belly!

Also answers to: Bubbas, but he gets called Linda when he isn’t listening

Pet parent: Shelby

Age: 4

Breed: Rottweiler and pit bull mix

Favorite pastime: Axle loves to play in the water, not swim but play. He bites the water and swishes it around. He also loves laser pointers and other dogs.

Endearing quirk: Axle is a very well-trained boy. He is almost human with his characteristics. If he loves you and you don’t say hi to him when you arrive, he will whine at you until you do.


Also answers to: Punkin and Land Shark

Pet parent: Melissa C.

Age: 6 months

Breed: Corgi

Cute quirk: Merlin tries to herd people to where she wants them to go and barks (while smiling) if you don’t go where she wants.

Favorite place to hang in the warehouse: You’ll find Merlin anywhere there are people or other pups for her to play with. She loves attention and gets excited whenever she sees someone!


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