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October 04, 2017


Bringing Hope to Hurricane Victims

In battling the recent historic hurricanes, hope is, perhaps, one of our greatest defenses. That’s why Hopebox, a company that crafts beautiful care packages filled with encouragement and messages of comfort, created special boxes just for hurricane survivors in Florida. In addition to featuring our Hope ThoughtFulls and Read This Till You Believe It, these care packages also included handmade cards, prints, lavender sachets, and plush toys to uplift and inspire.

The goal for these Hopeboxes was simple: to deliver hope to those in Florida shelters facing loss. With news of Irma’s anticipated arrival, Hopebox reached out to its partners for support in assembling Hopeboxes for projected hurricane victims. Within 24 hours of Irma’s landfall, 500 Hopeboxes were on their way to Trinity Rescue Mission, an overcapacity women’s and children’s shelter in Jacksonville.

With the storm looming, lines grew rapidly at the shelter as people looked for refuge; the delivery of Hopeboxes couldn’t have come at a better time. “This is such an answer to prayer,” said Jennifer Couch, the executive director of Trinity Rescue Mission. “See these dozens of women and children in the lobby? They are just the ones waiting to be in-processed. There are hundreds more residents back in the shelter. These Hopeboxes will be such an encouragement to them.”

“When the Hopebox team saw what unfolded in Texas with Hurricane Harvey, the threat of Irma to Florida’s residents was vividly clear,” said Hopebox cofounder Derik Timmerman. “We had to do something tangible. When we arrived in Jacksonville and saw the Trinity Rescue Mission choked with mothers and children needing encouragement, we were incredibly grateful to Compendium for helping us do a bit of good for these people.”

Hope is so necessary during times like these, and we’re grateful to Hopebox for allowing us to be a part of bringing support and hope to others. Interested in getting involved? Learn more about how you can help hurricane relief efforts today.

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