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November 13, 2023


Compendium Retailer Spotlight: La Grande Orange in Phoenix, Arizona

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Have you ever walked into a neighborhood store and been instantly filled with anticipation? A place full of energy, where you just know there is something special to discover and experience? La Grande Orange (LGO) in Phoenix, Arizona, sparks that feeling for customers day after day. This local icon and gourmet eatery is also a treasure trove of uplifting gifts, offering something for everyone.

This November, Compendium is highlighting some of the amazing retailers we work with leading up to Small Business Saturday. We had the pleasure of interviewing Jenifer Steele, Senior Director of Retail at LGO, about her wonderful store.

What types of products does your store focus on?

We cover a lot of bases, offering a gourmet market, pizzeria, and an extensive gift shop! Our gift shop has something for everyonecandles, jewelry, apparel, pet items, kids’ gifts, gourmet foods, and of course, books and greeting cards.

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What do you hope people will experience as they browse?

Our shop is a treasure hunt! You really never know what you’ll find. Our products and merchandising are ever changing, which keeps our customers coming back regularly. Plus, they can shop with a coffee or a glass of wine if they’d like!

What makes your store unique? What do you hope to bring to your community through your presence?

LGO is an icon in Phoenix, known for offering a multi-sensorial experience. Whether it’s a great meal, a gorgeous cake, or just the right birthday cake, we really are one-stop shopping. As the buyer for the past 14 years, my mantra for the shop is “gifts and treats to make you feel good.” No snarky humor, no negativity. Everything I sell is intended to lift the spirit.

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Is your store involved with any community organizations or events?

Because our business is so ingrained in our community, we are constantly offering support to local organizations of all kinds as a thanks to all who enjoy LGO.

As you think about the magic of the holidays, what do you hope your store can offer more of in the world?

Joy, laughter, and funthree things that feel like they may be currently in short supply in our world.

What is interesting about the neighborhood where your store is located?

LGO is located in a popular neighborhood called Arcadia that caters to families, many with young children. There are families I’ve known since their kids were young who are now going off to college and becoming our next generation of guests. It’s fun to be a part of a business that is so woven into many of our neighbors’ lives.

Running a business is a significant commitment. What inspires you?

While I don’t own the business, I do take my job very seriouslyas if I didand I’m constantly inspired by our guests. I don’t like to have attention on me, but I do love to see the joy and happiness when someone finds just the right gift, sometimes for a friend and often for themselves. What a great job, to help make people happy!


To learn more about La Grande Orange, check out their website here. If you’re local to the Phoenix area, stop in and say hi and explore this inviting store for yourself. The store is located at 4410 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018.

Keep an eye out for more Small Business Saturday features throughout November.

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