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November 08, 2023


A Heartwarming Holiday Gift: Winter Wishes

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Piping hot cups of cocoa on a cold evening, twinkling holiday lights that brighten the neighborhood— the winter season brings so many joys. At the top of the list are all the unique opportunities it offers to connect with loved ones and create special memories together. Our adorable, illustrated gift book Winter Wishes is a celebration of those treasured seasonal traditions and the people we get to share them with.

Inspired by the bestselling all-ages picture book More Than a Little, Winter Wishes is a heartwarming gift, whether you’re giving it to toast a holiday host or wrapping it up for your best friend. Inside, you’ll find the whimsical rhymes of author M.H. Clark paired with playful illustrations by artist Cécile Metzger—each page an ode to friendship and the pleasures of doing life side by side.

“It's my hope that this book connects people to the wonder of the holiday season, and to a sense of deep gratitude and appreciation for the people in our lives who make this season so bright,” said Clark. “There's a certain kind of magic to be found in giving this book, and a different (but equally joyful) magic in receiving it. It's my hope this book brings a festive spirit to everyone who engages with it.”

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Cécile Metzger’s hand-drawn illustrations of a polar bear and penguin duo infuse charm into every spread. These fun-loving characters embark on all sorts of festive adventures together—from making snow angels to wandering the winter markets—and illuminate the delights of this special time of year.

The festive well-wishes inside this appreciation gift book can be given to anyone, regardless of the holidays the recipient celebrates. “I can see this book being given in so many ways,” says Clark, “It could be a stand-alone gift for friends, family, and neighbors. It could be a meaningful addition to a tray of cookies, signed and sent to loved ones far away just like a more substantial holiday card, or tucked into a stocking... there are so many creative and thoughtful ways to give this book away.”


Discover Winter Wishes and make it a part of your seasonal celebrations this year.

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