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Our Story

We asked ourselves, what difference can we make in the world by sprinkling a bit of inspiration where we live, work, and play? With each gift we create, we hope to find out just how much good we can share.

We believe we all have the power to inspire.



The exploration of this simple belief is where our story began in 1985. Excited to discover the possibilities, we started to dream up tangible ways to add hope and unexpected delight to each day. Soon, our first pop-open cards were born—small window cards with thoughtful messages hidden inside.

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A wave of inspiration can ripple from community to community. And our powerful little pop-open cards quickly made their way around the world. Astronauts carried them into space and submarine crews took them to the bottom of the ocean. They were handed out to courageous response teams at Ground Zero after 9/11. They have been given to teachers and cancer patients, and continue to be shared with anyone who could use a spark of inspiration. Wherever these little cards show up, they lift spirits and warm hearts.

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Our desire is to create meaningful moments with gifts that inspire. Now, millions of our joyful messages—found in greeting cards and children’s books, guided journals and customizable keepsakes—have touched the lives of people around the globe. Through their impact we discovered that a bit of inspiration can, in fact, make a big difference. We invite you to join us on our journey—to empower, delight, inspire, and care. And to find just how much goodness we can put into the world.

We believe in...

  • icon_Dream Big

    Dreaming Big

    We believe great ideas have the power to spark exciting possibilities and ignite new adventures.

  • icon_Inspiring Connection

    Inspiring Connection

    We believe in embracing the best parts of the human spirit and honoring every relationship in our lives.

  • icon_Celebrating the Good

    Celebrating the Good

    We believe in finding joy all around us, appreciating life’s simple pleasures, and turning everyday moments into memorable events.

  • icon_Making a Difference

    Making a Difference

    We believe in doing what’s right for the world by creating positive change and supporting our community.

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