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September 26, 2022


This Is for Her: An Author Q & A with M.H. Clark

The words inside our gift book This Is for Her boldly celebrate a woman’s resilience. They are for our mothers, sisters, aunties, and friends—those women in our lives who have seen their share of challenges, but have pressed forward with courage and charisma. We asked author M.H. Clark to share about this powerful ode to a woman’s strength.

What inspired you as you began to pen these words?

I'm endlessly inspired by the brilliance of the women in my life, who impress me all the time with the work they are doing to take their own needs and preferences seriously. They're learning to claim more space, to dismantle old structures of power, stand their ground, and speak their truth, even when all of that is hard to do. I wanted to create a book that would speak to them and celebrate their process completely.

How do you hope readers will find themselves in these pages?

I hope that readers are surprised to discover themselves in these pages—surprised to discover how truly strong, capable, and incredible they are. I think so many of us have a tendency to give others more credit than we give ourselves; it's my hope that readers are able to take these statements to heart, and recognize that there are so many wonderful qualities they might not have been giving themselves enough credit for.

The book’s alluring artwork pairs with the statements to create such powerful vignettes throughout. Do you have a favorite?

Yes! It's the spread that says "This is for the moments when the world asked her to be a little quieter, a little smaller, a little less herself, and she refused." It's my favorite because of how uncomfortable the word "refused" made me at first. But I kept coming back to it and realized that it's exactly the word that needs to be there. Sitting with my own discomfort around the idea of refusal made me realize this is work I'm still doing, too. I'm still learning, as so many of us are, to be as huge and whole as possible.

How do you hope this book will enrich people’s lives as they read?

I hope that the readers are women of all ages, and that this book becomes a kind of mirror to show them their own most remarkable qualities—the things in them that are truly worth recognizing and celebrating. I hope This Is for Her inspires readers to respect themselves, to take themselves seriously, and to be relentless advocates for their own well-being.

I also hope that this title becomes a very meaningful gift, and that it is as much of a joy for the giver as it is for the recipient! I can see this book creating a kind of ripple effect—that each person who receives a copy of it might also want to give a copy to someone they know, and that in this way it becomes a chain linking each reader to others that they love, admire, and care about.


Discover the encouraging sentiments of This Is for Her today.

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