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Take Time to Connect with What Matters Most

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During seasons of uncertainty, self-care can be a beautiful anchor, grounding you in the calming strength within. It’s an invitation to unapologetically embrace the qualities that make you feel the most like yourself and spend a little time reveling in them.

What does self-care look like in times like these? It’s as simple as dedicating a few moments throughout the day to intentionally rejuvenate your spirit, which can make a big difference to your overall well-being.


Here are a few ideas for how you can enhance your own personal care practices.

Start your day with a smile
Choose one action to help you build a bit of happiness into your morning routine. Change your alarm to your favorite song. Write an affirmation or joke on your bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker. Or take two minutes to listen to the sounds outside your bedroom window. Use your imagination to welcome joy with each new sunrise.

Choose a word for the day
Select a word to frame your thoughts, then return to it as often as you need. Perhaps today calls for serenity. Or maybe a word like tenacity, grace, or contentment is more fitting. Find one that speaks to your heart and let it replicate itself in your world.

Ground yourself in gratitude
Take note of five things you are grateful for each day. The sound of laughter. The unconditional love of a faithful friend. The sweet cuddles of a pet. The smell of your favorite meal. Write them on sticky notes and post them around a window. See your world with eyes of appreciation, then watch the magical way gratitude makes goodness grow.

Dedicate time to journal daily
Journaling offers a special place to experience every emotion, fully and authentically. It’s an opportunity for you to release without judgment. Use your journal time as a personal check-in, a chance to let the blank page receive any weight you are carrying. If you aren’t sure where to begin, ask yourself two simple questions: How am I feeling in this moment? What was meaningful for me today? These are questions you can answer again and again.

Celebrate someone in your life
It’s amazing how the act of encouraging others can unleash a flood of good feelings in ourselves. Find ways to connect meaningfully to people in your community, whether you choose to send a card to a neighbor, thank a grocery store clerk, have a virtual meetup with a friend, or lend your support to a charity in need.

Download Inspiration for Your Week

We’ve pulled together a few resources from our journal Just for Today to help you get started on your self-care journey, including prompts to guide your own reflections and an uplifting quote to use as a backdrop on your desktop or phone.

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Journal Prompts

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Desktop Background

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