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April 06, 2022


More Than a Little: Behind the Scenes with the Author & Illustrator

I more than a little appreciate you,
and the person you are, and the things that you do.

You more than a little bit matter to me.
Where you are, things are brighter. It’s easy to see.

Who lights up your life just by being in it? Who makes your world a better place because they stand by your side? More Than a Little is a beautiful ode to friendship. Combining the sweet rhymes of author M.H. Clark and the imaginative illustrations of artist Cécile Metzger, this bighearted book celebrates a wonderful friend and the simple but immense joy of being together.

“This book was written in the hopes of helping people express things they’d love to say, but might not know exactly how to put into words themselves,” said Clark. “The inspiration… was all of the people in my life I’d want to offer these words to—the friends I want to text all the time just to say, ‘I hope you know how much I appreciate you.'"

In More Than a Little, a fanciful fox and chipmunk make their way through an enchanting forest illustrated by Metzger. Each page artfully offers readers a glimpse into this heartwarming relationship—whether the two are flying a kite, catching fireflies, playing the banjo, or sharing a cup of tea. With her whimsical watercolors and her detailed scenes, Metzger illuminates the everyday magic in true companionship.

“I hope that [readers] can feel like, for a moment, they are transported amongst these happy little animal friends in a beautiful, flowery place,” said Metzger. “I know I felt really happy in the company of these characters while I was working on this book, and I hope that readers can feel the same joy I experienced while painting!”

While Metzger’s artwork is filled with blissful moments, More Than a Little highlights the gift of having a friend through all life’s twists and turns too. “…I truly love the illustration of the two friends sheltering under a mushroom [in the rain],” said Clark. “I think that sense of enjoying being together even in less sunny times is very much at the heart of this book.”

This heartwarming book is a thoughtful gift for a birthday or to show appreciation for someone you couldn’t imagine life without. Celebrate a friend you appreciate more than a little today.

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