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August 03, 2021


Meet our Pawsome Pets

August is for animal loving! With International Cat Day on August 8 and National Dog Day on August 26, there are reasons to celebrate our furry friends all month long. In honor of these two momentous occasions, we’re sharing our cuddly companions with you.

Name: Scout

Age: 98 in dog, 14 in human, and ageless in my mind.

Pet Parent: Chelsea, Designer

Favorite Pastime: Moving from person to person at dinnertime, begging for scraps.

Favorite Quote: “Modeling, for me, isn't about being beautiful but creating something interesting for people to look at and think about.” —Kylie Bax

Name: My name is Theodore, but I also go by Ted, Teddy Westside, and Theodorable (my favorite).

Age: 8, but I don't look it!

Pet Parent: Nate, Ecommerce Business Manager

Favorite Pastimes: Cuddling with my mom. (Yeah, I said it!) Staring at myself in the mirror. And also leaving lots of my fur around the house and on clothes so I'm with my parents allllll the time.

Most Consistent Thought: "Ooooohhh wee, you good lookin!"

Name: Mollie B.

Age: I’m 10 years old.

Pet Parent: Amelia, Senior Writer/Editor

Favorite Pastime: Belly rubs

Favorite Quote: “But what about second breakfast…elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper?” —The Lord of the Rings

Name: Boo Radley

Age: 9 physically, solid 4 mentally.

Pet Parent: Chelsea, Designer

Favorite Pastime: Taking up the whole sofa so my parents have to sit on the floor.

Favorite Quote: “I am a bit of a bad boy. I have tattoos and I mess around. That's part of my image, so it's cool.” —Zayn Malik

Name: Oliver, but I love when my Mom calls me Sir Kittykins, Sweet Head, or Meow Pie.

Age: I’m 9 years old.

Pet Parent: Melissa B., Designer, Sales & Marketing

Favorite Pastimes: Giving the best head bonks ever to my Mom and walking on the keyboard to alert her that it’s food time.

Favorite Quote:“Sleep is good.”—Unknown

Name: Calvin, aka Cal-doge or Super Cal

Age: I’m 7 years old.

Pet Parent: Carin, Director of Sales

Favorite Pastime:No FOMO here! I enjoy being near my family at all times.

Favorite Words to Live By: Where can I go with you today? Let's go explore!

Name: Nic Cage, but I go by Cage.

Age: 14 weeks old! I’m a newbie.

Pet Parent: Chau, Customer & Sales Support Specialist

Favorite Pastime: Climbing onto my parent while they’re on a Zoom call.

Favorite Life Questions to Ponder: Why are you trying to sleep at midnight when I’m rested up and am ready to play now? Shall I paw at your face to entice you?

Name: Samantha Snickerdoodle Boushee

Age: I’m 9 years old.

Pet Parent: Annie, Sales Account Manager

Favorite Pastime: Running in huge circles with a smile during low tide at the beach.

Favorite Retort When My Parents Complain: “But I’m a dog.”


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