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July 16, 2018


Make Room For Fun With Play!

When you were little, a request to come out and play held a special kind of magic. It was an invitation to climb trees, build forts, and make mud pies! And it was the start of an adventure, where your imagination led the way. But at some point you grew up, trading playtime for pursuing a career, paying bills, and taking care of adult responsibilities. Well it’s time to bring back recess!

Our new activity book Play is an opportunity to reconnect with the freedom, joy, and spontaneity that you felt as a child. Growing research shows that play is not a childhood luxury but a necessary part of being a healthy adult. It’s essential for inspiring creativity, solving problems, managing stress, and building healthy relationships at work and at home.

Play is filled with activities, prompts, and ideas to build more fun into your world. And the best part is, childlike joy is right at your fingertips. With just a little effort, you can add something special to any day. Here are a few examples:

  • Find a cloud that looks like an animal.
  • Draw a self-portrait with your nondominant hand.
  • Blow bubbles in a public place.
  • Bring a box of Popsicles to your next meeting.
  • Put colored sprinkles on your toast.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt for everyday treasures.
  • Play a song to dance to every Thursday at four o’clock.
  • Make an amazing sound track for a chore you usually hate doing.

Play is here to give you permission to create your own recess—and experience all of its wonderful benefits!

In writing the book, author M.H. Clark found herself joyfully remembering her younger self and sought to create a space for readers to do the same. “I hope that Play serves as a gentle, bright-spirited reminder that play is a fundamental need to each of us, and that it’s easier than we might think to add playful elements to our days,” she says. “Just a little dash makes our work, our relationships, our daily tasks and projects feel more fun, more inspired, more possible. It feels good and it’s good for us! What’s not to love?”

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