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November 01, 2021


Life Notes Made the List of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2021!

From falling in love to embracing new adventures, each one of us has a collection of life lessons worth sharing. Life Notes is an invitation to preserve your reflections and pass them down to the next generation. These heartwarming letter-writing kits include themed notes for you to write to a child or grandchild, to deepen the bond between you while creating a treasure trove of wisdom they can return to again and again. And we’re thrilled that Life Notes was selected as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2021, making it a truly special gift for this holiday season.

Inside the elegant box are 20 themed notes for capturing your thoughts on topics such as gratitude, achievement, family, and bravery. Use the space to record your memories or share your wishes for your loved one. If you aren’t sure where to begin, each note includes a thoughtful quote to inspire your writing. When you’re done, tuck your words into the foil-stamped envelopes and give them as a gift when the moment is right. You can use the kit’s keepsake box for sharing your notes all at once on a milestone birthday, graduation, first day of college, or as a touching holiday gift. Or let the individual themes lead your gifting—offering a letter on love on a wedding day, or giving one on learning for the first day of work. Every note is a way for your words to empower and encourage your child or grandchild throughout their life’s journey. 

“I hope that children and grandchildren read the words of their parents and grandparents and feel deep love and appreciation,” says Life Notes Miriam Hathaway. “That children get to see their loved one in a new light, and see just how much parents and grandparents understand them too.”

Whether you choose to give Life Notes to a parent or grandparent-to-be, or complete the set for your own child or grandchild, this beautiful gift is sure to create lasting moments of connection this holiday season.

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