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April 08, 2020


Inspiring At-Home Activities for Kids

With parents and caregivers now finding themselves in the role of school teacher, it can be challenging to fill the days with round-the-clock activities. But fortunately, you don’t need to recreate the school day to inspire moments of learning and exploration.

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With children and parents now finding themselves with more time at home, it can be challenging to fill the days with round-the-clock activities. But fortunately, there are lots of ways to inspire moments of learning and exploration.

So during this unusual time, we wanted to offer our support as you find new ways to create your family’s day-to-day structure. And to share a few ideas and activities that will bring a touch of comfort and meaning to each day.


Start the day off with a burst of confidence. Have your kids list a few things they like about themselves, or come up with an uplifting mantra, such as “I stick with things even when they’re hard,” or perhaps “I always try to do my best.”

Boost their self-esteem and self-worth by asking them which school subject they want to focus on for the day, or ask for their advice on meal planning. These simple questions can allow children to see how important they are, as well as let them know that their thoughts matter.

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Beat the afternoon slump by encouraging a little quiet time and self-reflection. Start a family gratitude journal or give your child questions to think and write about, such as “What would a perfect day include?” or “What is one thing that always makes you smile?”

Have them draw or write about a feeling they had that day, or create their own “feelings book” where they can depict how several emotions look and feel to them. This can be a great resource later for when emotions are overwhelming or hard to identify.

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Tap any unused energy while still downshifting for bedtime with quiet activities. Find a simple craft, such as Play-Doh or making creatures with pipe cleaners. Or try a simple yoga routine to wind down. For older children, consider giving them a journal to write in before lights out.

Some children especially appreciate auditory comforts; let them choose a few songs to listen to or find a lullaby to sing to one another. Or imagine a magical story together to share out loud while snuggled in bed.

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While we all focus on staying healthy, it may be easy to miss that moments like these may never happen again. Right now is a unique opportunity to connect, to encourage, and to create new family memories—together. We hope these ideas bring a little extra love, inspiration, and joy to the days ahead.

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