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May 29, 2024


Inspire a Child’s Imagination with Our Summer Reading List

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A summer reading list can be a source of great entertainment and joy for a child. Just by opening the pages of a book, kids can be transported to new worlds, both real and imagined, and explore their curiosities without limits. And the benefits of a reading list extend far beyond beating the kids’ summertime boredom blues. Reading during out-of-school time can keep skills sharp while creating a long-lasting positive association with books. Plus, stories can be wonderful companions on summertime plane rides, road trips, or camping adventures.

We’ve gathered a few fan favorites to add to your child’s summer reads, so you can fill the season with exploration, learning, and fun.

Why Not?

With its timeless wisdom, Why Not? is a wonderful read to encourage positive thinking and bravery, whether you’re age 3 or 103. Following the journeys of a young adventurer and an arctic fox friend, it’s filled with invitations to reach farther, go higher, and dig deeper than anyone thought possible. Because someone is going to change things for the better. Why not you?


This is a story about all the magical, unbound potential inside you. Filled with photorealistic illustrations, this award-winning tale is a reminder that you were meant for incredible things. And maybe, just maybe, you will exceed your wildest dreams. Find the book here.

One More Book Before Bed

A single day during the summer can hold so many different experiences. This comforting book is here to help kids process each day and unwind before bedtime. Caregivers can use the words as a template for starting soothing conversations, so children can talk about feelings, connect with their bodies, and quiet their minds, all in a safe space. Find the book here.


This enchanting book follows a young girl and an accomplished painter as they learn to observe the beauty and magic in each day. Featuring stunning illustrations filled with hidden objects to find, it’s sure to encourage readers of all ages to slow down, pay attention, and explore the unknown. Because the more you pause and notice the extraordinary, the more you find it. And so much of it lives right within you. Find the book here.

What Do You Do With an Idea? (10th Anniversary Edition)

This is the story of one brilliant idea and the child who helps bring it into the world. It’s a tale for anyone, at any age, who’s ever had an idea that seemed a little too big, too odd, or too difficult. Read through the pages to help a little one find confidence to believe in their heart-held desires—and get excited for what is to come. Find the book here.

Tiny, Perfect Things

A walk around the neighborhood can lead to the discovery of all sorts of wonders—whether they come in the form of a snail climbing a fence or a flower growing in the sidewalk crack. This beautiful book will encourage mindfulness and open a child’s eyes to all the tiny, perfect things in their world. Let it inspire joyful summer scavenger hunts for everyday treasures. Find the book here.

The Storyteller’s Handbook

Celebrate your limitless imagination with The Storyteller’s Handbook! Inside, you’ll find 52 intricate illustrations—of fascinating creatures, strange lands, and mythical beings. But there are no accompanying words because you, the storyteller, are the missing ingredient! Whether you’re exploring the images with a child on a road trip, before bedtime, or as a creative writing activity, every tale you create together will be wildly unique and 100% yours.


Explore all our children’s books and inspire little learners all year long.

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