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Galentine’s Day: Remind Your Girlfriends How Much They Matter

“…my friends have made the story of my life.” –Helen Keller

There’s something special about the bond between girlfriends, those rich relationships that make life more meaningful. Over the past year, these friends have been the source of belly laughs during virtual happy hours and a safe space to vent during hard weeks. They’ve filled your inbox with hilarious memes and encouraging texts—and your heart with hope and happiness. And they’ve reminded you that no matter what challenges life brings, there is always someone by your side ready to face them with you.

February 13 is Galentine’s Day, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the sisterhood that surrounds you—and to recognize the women who walk alongside you, lift you up, and raise your spirits simply by being present.

We’re sharing a few Galentine’s gift ideas to honor the female friendships in your life. We hope they inspire you to embrace this season of love in your own unique ways.

Set Up a Virtual Toast
Galentine’s Day finds its roots over brunch and mimosas on the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation. This year, raise a glass to the joys of female friendship in your circle or create a time for the women in your family to connect. You can set the tone for the occasion with a beautiful electronic invitation. Or add a special touch by sending a paper invitation filled with words of affirmation and love.

Encourage a Dream
Do you have a friend who has been talking about opening their own business, going back to school, or perfecting a skill they’ve always wanted to develop? One of the delightful aspects of great gal pals is the way these friends challenge us and hold us accountable. Dedicate this Galentine’s Day to reminding a friend of the limitless possibilities within her with a gift book like I Am Her or The Persistence of Yellow. Each gift is a poetic invitation to explore all that is possible.

Send Some Snail Mail
In a world of Zoom calls, emails, and text messages, a simple card can mean so much. Take some time to send Galentine’s Day cards. Your handwritten words are an irreplaceable gift, and may be just the message your girlfriends need to hear!

Create a Personalized Gift
Celebrate the story of your unique friendship and all the little quirks and meaningful moments that make it one of a kind. With Hey Friend, I Wrote a Book about You , you can create a keepsake filled with your reflections that your girlfriend can enjoy for years to come.

Support Her Self-Care
Our female friends are some of the best people to remind us to hold space for ourselves and our needs. Encourage a gal pal to expand her self-care routine with a guided journal like One of a Kind or Just for Today. Or find a fun lined journal that matches her style and personality. Whatever you choose, you’ll be giving her a place to relax and release.


For additional ideas, check out our full Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for even more ways to celebrate the love in your life.

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