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September 22, 2022


Fall Bucket List: 15 Ways to Celebrate the Season of Gratitude

Fall is here! Whether it’s watching the trees change into vibrant autumn colors, enjoying cozy nights in with your favorite book or movie, or carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, this season is filled with so many ways to feel grateful for the wonder it brings.

To welcome the season of togetherness, we’ve gathered a few activities to connect with loved ones and get you into the fall spirit.

  1. Host a board game night and serve hot cider with cinnamon.
  2. Bake something warm and delicious to share with your neighbors.
  3. Enjoy the fall scenery with family on a nature walk at a nearby park.
  4. Go to a local pumpkin patch or corn maze with friends.
  5. Cuddle up with blankets and hot cocoa and watch a favorite movie.
  6. Go backyard camping, make s’mores, and tell each other not-too-spooky stories.
  7. Send cards to loved ones and tell them why you’re grateful they’re in your life.
  8. Host a fall-themed dinner party, filled with seasonal dishes.
  9. Host a pumpkin carving competition leading up to Halloween.
  10. Go tailgating before the big game or host a gathering for family and friends in the comfort of your own home.
  11. Start a book club, and give yourself an excuse to snuggle up under the covers with a good read.
  12. Begin a daily gratitude journal as a way to stay present to the unique treasures of fall.
  13. Go apple picking, then make a delicious apple pie or homemade candy apples with your harvest.
  14. Create fun seasonal crafts with the fallen autumn leaves around your home to share with your neighbors.
  15. Welcome soup season by trying out a few new recipes, then exchange your favorites with your loved ones. Or better yet, have them over for dinner!

We hope these ideas inspire you to connect with friends and family and celebrate this magical season with the important people that make our lives so much brighter.

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