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February 29, 2024


Discover Children’s Books to Encourage Social-Emotional Learning


Children’s books are portals—exciting pathways to explore who we are and who we want to become. With heartwarming illustrations and simple but poignant messages, these books can help us understand our emotions, build empathy, develop self-awareness, and strengthen our problem-solving skills—whether we are a child or simply a child at heart.

March is National Reading Month, a celebration of the worlds and life lessons stories offer us. We’re sharing a few of our children’s books, each filled with creative ways to support social-emotional learning.

Encourage Self-Awareness


Tiger Days: A Book of Feelings

Written by M.H. Clark and Illustrated by Anna Hurley

There are lots of ways to feel and be—from tiger fierce and snail slow to monkey silly and turtle shy. Children will recognize their own emotions in this colorful menagerie. Each page is a chance to give a child vocabulary to express what they’re feeling and to let them know that every emotion they’re experiencing is valid and important. Find it here. 

Build Confidence in Self-Management

What You Do Box Set_Cropped

What You Do Matters Boxed Set

Written by Kobi Yamada and Illustrated by Mae Besom

Having a goal and seeing it come to pass is an empowering experience. But it’s the twists and turns along the way where we gain the biggest gems—such as managing stress, developing courage, and taking initiative to see our dreams come to life. What You Do Matters is a whole library of life lessons in one elegant boxed set. It features the New York Times bestsellers What Do You Do With an Idea?, What Do You Do With a Problem?, and What Do You Do With a Chance?, and will give kids the self-management tools they need to pursue their wild imaginings. Find it here.

Develop Relationship Skills

750x540 Submast - Feb 2024 - 8

With My Dog: A Picture Book and Plush about Having (and Being!) a Good Friend

Written by Miriam Hathaway and Illustrated by Tisha Lee

Friendship is fertile ground for all sorts of lessons. It teaches us to see the world from another’s perspective and understand how our actions can impact others. With My Dog is a gift set that encourages little ones to develop compassion, all with the help of a faithful furry friend. Read the sweet picture book to explore kindness and empathy, then practice building a healthy friendship with the cuddly plush. Find it here. 

Enhance Social Awareness

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I’m Big-Hearted: Little Activities to Encourage Lots of Gratitude

Written by Amelia Riedler and Illustrated by Camey Yeh

Expressing gratitude can have a dramatic impact on how we see and interact with the world. And it can be a whole lot of fun too! Our kids’ activity book I’m Big-Hearted invites kids to build gratitude practices that will serve them for a lifetime. The playful prompts let little ones draw pictures, complete fill-ins, check lists, and more to explore gratitude for family, friends, their community, and themselves. This energetic book is full of ways for kids to appreciate their own strengths, show kindness, and express appreciation for those around them. Find it here. 

Celebrate Resilience and Problem-Solving



Written by Kobi Yamada and Illustrated by Elise Hurst

Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s an important part of discovering what’s possible. Trying is a celebration of all that failure has to offer us. Following an experienced sculptor and his young protégé, this visually captivating book by New York Times bestselling author Kobi Yamada shines a light on the power of having a growth mindset, believing in yourself, and navigating challenges to discover your strengths. Find it here. 


Looking for more books to encourage self-discovery and exploration? Dive into our award-winning collection of children’s books and activities here.

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