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February 23, 2023


Discover 5 Ideas for Celebrating National Reading Month

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March is National Reading Month, and it’s a wonderful time to help kids experience the joy of stories. Nurturing a child’s love for books at an early age can have lifelong impacts. Research shows that setting aside just 15 minutes a day for reading aloud can do wonders for expanding vocabulary, boosting self-confidence, and even encouraging healthy brain development.

In honor of National Reading Month, we’re sharing fun and engaging activities to help a child in your life fall in love with the literary world.

  1. Hold Evening Book Chats

    The adventures of a good book are always better when shared! Set a time for nightly book discussion. You can make it extra special with a cup of hot chocolate or a tasty snack. After reading the book together, talk about your favorite characters or the parts you enjoyed the most. To help you get started, you can find discussion questions and activity sheets for some of our most popular books here.

  2. Share Your Favorite Book

    Let your child choose a book to introduce to someone else. Have them swap favorites with a friend as a unique way of learning about a buddy. Or leave a book in a little lending library with a note for the next reader to find.

  3. Start a Reading Response Journal

    Encourage your child to keep track of all the incredible stories they discover during National Reading Month. Their reading journal can be a place to lists the books they complete, draw pictures of their favorite scenes, write about the best parts, and feel a sense of accomplishment for all they are learning.

  4. Create Your Own Stories

    Help kids experience the joys of crafting their own tales. A wordless picture book is a great tool for igniting a child’s creativity. Together you can create intriguing characters, build alluring worlds, and explore the outer edges of your imaginations. Another option is to come up with new endings to existing stories. Whatever you choose, you’ll be helping a child unlock their own storytelling magic.

  5. Write to Your Favorite Author or Illustrator

    Is there a story that has captured your child’s heart? Let them share their love with the author or illustrator! Have your child write a note about what they liked most and pop it in the mail to the publisher. Or send a message to the creators on social media. This is a wonderful way for kids to reflect on the books they love while learning the value of expressing appreciation.

We hope National Reading Month is an opportunity for you to dive deep into the world of books with a little one and experience the wonder of stories through their eyes.

Looking for new reads? Explore our award-winning children’s books here.

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