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February 03, 2022


Creative Ways to Say “I Love You”

How do you tell your favorite person how much they mean to you? A personalized airplane banner? A serenade at the top of a Ferris wheel? A dream vacation to a faraway place? Grand gestures have their place, but they are not a requirement for expressing big love. In fact, the most romantic memories are often made out of simple, sincere, and sometimes even silly, everyday moments.

To help you celebrate your sweetie, we’ve put together a few fun-filled (and super easy!) ideas using our playful Love You Most compliment cards. Each card holds a note to make your partner’s day—whether it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a regular Wednesday! With messages like “I love your face” and “You’re my person” these cards are like leaving a kiss and a wink for your sweetheart to find.

Hide Love You Most cards in the places your partner frequents, and let the words bring a little extra loving and a whole lot of smiles. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tuck “You look cute today” into the frame of the bathroom mirror.
  • Display “I smile every time I think about you” by their toothbrush to put an extra sparkle in their grin.
  • Leave “Love you today, tomorrow, and every day” on a phone or alarm clock.
  • Put “Can I kiss you?” in front of a cup of coffee to inspire a top-of-the-morning smooch!
  • Stick “I can’t stop thinking about you” on their laptop or desk to add a little sweetness to the work day.
  • Place “I want to hold your hand” in a pocket.
  • Share “Do you realize how extraordinary you are?” before a presentation, an interview, or after a hard day.
  • Fill in the “You have the best ________” card with words to make them laugh or overflow with love.

No matter how you choose to honor your special someone, we hope these ideas inspire you to let your person know that you love them the most!


Discover the entire set of Love You Most cards here.

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