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July 14, 2020


Creative Inspiration: An Artist Q&A With Suhita Shirodkar


This month, we’d like to introduce you to some of the talented artists behind our eclectic Write Now Journal line. Suhita Shirodkar’s creative illustrations can be seen throughout our journal “Take me far, far away.” Her travels are the inspiration behind the beautiful sketches in this dreamy, adventure-themed journal. For those stuck at home daydreaming about a relaxing vacation, these stunning watercolor illustrations of faraway places are the perfect way to satisfy wanderlust. We asked Suhita to share a bit about her work on this project.


What are some of the inspirations behind your illustrations?

Travel is a huge inspiration for me, I enjoy drawing different places and cultures. At the core of it, though, I love seeing the world with fresh eyes and recording and sharing those impressions, whether they be of far-off places or of the everyday world around us.


What was your favorite spread to work on in this journal?

The Anthony Bourdain spread is a personal favorite. Besides being an illustrator, I am an urban sketcher, and I sketch a lot on location, when I travel and at home. The inspiration for that sketch came from an original sketch done in Barcelona at the Pont del Bisbe in the Gothic Quarter.

I like my sketches to look loose and easy. To get there though, I went through many iterations before hitting on one that was the right balance of urban, gritty and yet full of optimism and color.

What is your favorite medium you used?

I experiment with many media and love layering them on in nontraditional ways, but my favorite way to sketch is in watercolor, pen, and ink. They are natural media for a travel-sketcher—vibrant, very portable, and easy to clean up.


You can find Suhita’s awe-inspiring journal and the entire collection of Write Now Journals here.

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