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June 12, 2024


Create a Journal Practice to Support Your Self-Care

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Creating a life you love is a grand adventure—one made up of the seemingly small but intentional choices we make every day. Our new Every Day guided journal line is filled with ways to build life-enhancing routines that center your well-being. Whether you’re looking to invite more confidence, gratitude, or bliss into your day-to-day, the prompts in these themed journals will guide you in cultivating habits that transform your aspirations into a lifestyle.

Research shows it takes 21 days to start a new habit and 90 days for that habit to become permanent. So, Every Day journals offer 90 days’ worth of prompts to support your journey. Plus, every 30 days you’ll find reflection pages to honor how far you’ve come, and celebrate what’s ahead.

Are there feelings and values you want to experience in more abundance in your daily life? An inner calm when you wake up in the morning? Self-assurance as you make challenging decisions? A sense of purpose as you move through your world? Explore the journal themes below to begin a self-care practice that meets you where you are and supports where you’re going.

If you’re looking to connect with greater peace and resilience…

Calm Every Day: A Daily Practice for Self-Care and Mindfulness

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Open the pages of this journal to embrace more presence in your moments. The daily prompts, quotes, and exercises will help you stay grounded, no matter what the day might bring. Find Calm Every Day here. 

If you’re looking to experience more wonder and appreciation…

Gratitude Every Day: A Daily Practice for Joy and Contentment

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This is an opportunity to choose gratefulness, to make contentment a way of life, and to experience more gladness every day. Find Gratitude Every Day here. 

If you’re looking to develop a deep trust in yourself…

Confidence Every Day: A Daily Practice for Strength and Courage

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Connect with your inner knowing and embrace the courage already within you. This is a place to see yourself clearly, express your dreams, and take steps toward each one of them. Find Confidence Every Day here. 

If you’re looking to ground yourself through hopeful perspective…

Bliss Every Day: A Daily Practice for Harmony and Delight

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This is a space to feel your feelings, to know they are valid, and to let your authenticity and radical self-acceptance open the door to bliss. Find Bliss Every Day here. 

If you’re looking to center joy…

Intention Every Day: A Daily Practice for Purpose and Clarity

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Take time each day to focus on your heart’s desires, record simple joys, and see the bigger picture of your life. Find Intention Every Day here. 

If you’re looking to find serenity and deep satisfaction…

Wellness Every Day: A Daily Practice for Personal Growth and Balance

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Consider the pages of this journal as a place to record the nourishment your spirit needs, to reflect on what it means to live well, and to create more time to be your truest self. Find Wellness Every Day here. 


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