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May 14, 2021


Create a Family Heirloom with Your Words and Wisdom

Laughter while playing with childhood friends. Teenage coming-of-age stories. Dreams and adventures you hold close. Your life is wonderfully unique—a collection of distinct moments that have shaped who you are. Our legacy book Most of All  is an invitation to honor the life you’ve lived. It’s an opportunity to capture your hard-earned lessons and create an irreplaceable keepsake with insights only you can share.

“I think we often have the tendency to downplay our own lives and accomplishments—to see them as ‘just the things we lived through’ when, in fact, each life is truly so rare,” said Most of All’s author M.H. Clark. “I hope that as people use this book to record their stories, they come to see a great deal of beauty and wisdom in their own experiences.”

This elegant book is filled with thoughtful questions designed to help you reflect on your personal values, your joys, and your hopes for future generations. Each prompt is a way to preserve rich family stories that can be enjoyed for years to come.

“There’s so much beauty in the idea of leaving a legacy, and so much power in realizing that the words we write today can reach future generations,” says Clark. “Passing wisdom, knowledge, perspective, humor, strength, and grace from one generation to the next is not just a legacy—it is a gift.”

Featuring hand-drawn line art reminiscent of fingerprints, Most of All  is a beautiful gift to remind someone how rare and rich their story truly is.

  • Give it to Mom or Dad for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day
  • Share it with a loved one to celebrate a milestone birthday or retirement
  • Use the prompts to spark meaningful conversations with a grandparent
  • Preserve the reflections of a loved one near the end of their life

The handwritten reflections you capture in these pages are sure to connect the branches of your family tree in meaningful ways, while celebrating the stories that beautifully bind us all across generations.

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