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June 06, 2022


Celebrating Dad’s Life Lessons

From intentionally cheesy jokes to hard-earned wisdom, the quirks and character of dads add so much to our lives. In honor of Father’s Day, we asked our team to reflect on the life lessons they cherish from their own dads and the nuggets they hope to impart to their own kids. Here’s what they shared:

“The most meaningful lesson my dad has taught me is how to balance fierce independence with vulnerability. He has always stressed the importance of being able to rely on yourself while also being able to ask for support when you need it. Life requires both and my dad leads by example. He also taught me to never get store-bought salsa and showed me how to make the real stuff on my own!” —Carly, Sales

“My dad was simple and humble. Even though he would never be able to give purpose behind his actions, he naturally did what a father needs to do—just be there. You can craft and vocalize some of the most insightful phrases to your children, but I learned so much from my dad because he showed up and that spoke volumes. His love was present in the moments of throwing the baseball, going camping, watching a movie, or simply being able to turn around at every sporting event I was a part of knowing he’d always be there watching and rooting me on. My kids are all grown up now, and I hope I was there for them in the same way my dad was for me. I am definitely enjoying being there for my new granddaughter.” —Steve, Design

“My dad taught me to always chase after my dreams—whatever they may be. Growing up, any time I would express interest in a certain sport or activity, my dad would practice with me, research tips for how to improve at whatever my interest was, buy me the necessary gear, and show up for every game or performance. From basketball games to school plays, and everything in between, he was always in the front row cheering me on. Even as an adult, he continues to be my biggest supporter of my goals and dreams. This is something I hope to do for my own children one day—to let them know they’re loved, and that I’ll always be their biggest champion, no matter what.” —Moira, Marketing

"My husband, Curtis, is such a thoughtful and kind father. He makes up all sorts of silly songs for our daughter, Hope, and is an endless source of bedtime snuggles. It’s a true joy to watch them together.

“One lesson I cherish from my dad is the importance of a nap! While juggling a stressful job, a busy family, and other priorities, my dad always made time for a quick snooze. Now that I have a toddler, having those 15 minutes to rest and recharge is a game changer." —Angeline, Marketing

“In all my childhood memories, I can see my father standing somewhere with a book in his hands. It didn’t matter whether we were heading to soccer practice, grabbing an ice cream cone, or going to church, my father always had his next read tucked under his arm. He has an insatiable desire to learn, and can find equal fascination with a book about Juneteenth as he can with one about the history of Star Trek or Renaissance art. Now, when I’m in a bookstore lost for hours, I think of my dad. And I’m grateful for how he has instilled the same endless curiosity and love for learning in me.” —Kimberly, Editorial

“There’s lots of lessons I hope my kids will carry with them throughout their lives. As a father, I’ve tried to instill a sense of curiosity, good manners, and gratitude in order to prepare them to be good citizens of the world. But if you ask my kids, my efforts boil down to a list of ‘dad-isms.’ I hope my dad-isms, even the ones they sometimes get tired of hearing, continue to encourage them in life’s big moments and remind them how much they are loved:

  • Read the room. Be alert and have a sense of what’s going on around you.
  • Get your work done first, then enjoy any extra time you have left. For gosh sakes, don’t spend the ‘extra’ time you think you have before getting to the necessary task. It’s highly likely that you’ll miscalculate.
  • Don’t tell me, show me. This is particularly applicable when I find myself talking with one of my children and they are telling me everything that I want to hear… but I’m leery of their follow-through.
  • When picking out an outfit for a school dance, your filter should be, ‘Would my grandmothers be proud to show off my school dance picture to their friends?’”

—Jim, CFO


Happy Father’s Day to all the proud papas out there! Are you looking for a gift to capture and celebrate Dad’s loving life lessons? Discover heartfelt mementos here.

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