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June 21, 2022


Build Your Own Stories with The Storyteller’s Handbook

The pages of The Storyteller’s Handbook are places where magical things happen—where you’ll encounter a lion playing chess in the nook of a tree, or giant rabbits gathering for warm cups of tea, or a hot-air balloon floating amongst the stars. This wordless picture book, created by illustrator Elise Hurst, is an invitation to explore fantastical scenes and unlock your inner storyteller. Inside are 52 whimsical scenes, featuring all sorts of peculiar characters and creatures. Every detail of each intricate illustration is an opportunity to let your imagination come out to play—and to make up stories only you can create!

The book’s elaborate, hand-drawn illustrations hold exciting, unspoken questions—chances to ask yourself what just happened, what is happening on the outskirts of the page, and what will happen next. The answers are yours to decide, because your curiosity is the missing ingredient! Whether you’re pulling the book out for a bedtime read, a road-trip activity, or a creative-writing exercise in a classroom, you’ll discover fun-filled ways to unleash your most wild and wondrous story ideas.

“I want to help people connect with their imaginations,” said creator Elise Hurst. “Our minds are powerful and we have so many ideas and possibilities locked within them. But our lives are busy, with so much crowding for our attention. I hope that by spending time with this book people will really spend time with themselves and give that utterly unique imagination a chance to thrive.”

“I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that Elise has created an opus to creativity,” says New York Times best-selling author Kobi Yamada. “I can’t think of a better resource to get people to unplug, spark their imaginations, and bring so much fun and memory-making to the bedtime ritual or to anytime you want to encourage connection and creativity.”

Discover the joy of creating your own stories with this empowering picture book today!

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