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June 25, 2021


All That I Am: Inspire Kids to Explore Their Endless Possibilities

I am strong as the trees that stand ancient and wise,
I’m giving and soft as the rain,
I am brilliant and huge as a blaze in the skies,
but that still isn’t all that I am.

What can an evergreen tree teach a child about standing tall? What can crashing waves reveal about the roar inside us all? Award-winning children’s book author M.H. Clark invites young readers to explore these questions and more in our new book All That I Am. With beautiful rhymes and alluring illustrations, this book reminds children of the wonderful worlds within each of us.

All That I Am follows a young girl as she wanders through nature during a family camping trip. While she roams, she notices the brilliance of the glowing moon, the whispers of the raindrops, the sparkles of the river. Each encounter with nature illuminates a magical quality inside of her—and her endless potential waiting to be realized.

“I hope that young readers have a sense of just how wonderfully complex they are, and that being many things—even contradictory things—is part of the gift of being human,” says author M.H. Clark. “Just as Earth itself has huge things and tiny things, strong things and gentle things, each of us has those contrasts too. I hope this book makes each child feel expansive and full of possibility, and that there is more wonder within them to be discovered and known.”

Illustrator Laura Carlin combines rich watercolor, acrylics, and colored pencils to bring the enchanting landscape to life. From burrowing bunnies to the blazing moon and sun, Carlin offers readers opportunities to connect to the majesty of the natural world. Her artwork plays with scale throughout, with the young girl experiencing herself as both a towering presence and, at times, a little explorer getting lost in the beauty of it all.

“I got very excited drawing all the animals in their different homes and burrows,” says Carlin. “I often think about the idea that while we get on with our lives, people, animals, and insects around, above, and below us get on with theirs. I want to remind children to think about this the next time they’re in the park, in the woods, in or by the sea—imagining all the activity that’s going on beneath our feet!”

The timeless message of All That I Am is sure to captivate and inspire readers of all ages. “Children’s books are just as important for adults to read,” says Carlin. “They remind us to play, without all the lists and work and stresses that intrude on us as adults. This particular book reminds us to see the world with imagination. By seeing the wonder in the young girl, we can remember to embrace it, both in the world and in ourselves.”

Share All That I Am with a child in your life. Find this heartwarming book here.

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