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September 06, 2022


Add Inspiration to Fall with FREE Tech Backgrounds

Back-to-school season is an unofficial invitation for all of us to start fresh and embrace the different perspectives the change in seasons brings. It’s a wonderful time to reimagine your workspace, revisit your goals, and approach your aspirations with renewed energy. To help, we’re sharing free tech backgrounds, featuring interior art from our newest journals. Download them on your desktop, laptop, or phone—and let their sentiments encourage you to courageously create what you’ve been dreaming of. 

Art from the guided journal The Story of You

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Desktop | iPhone x | iPhone 11 Android

The art in this piece plays off the idea of inner travel and stargazing, as a person navigates the story of who they are. I hope as people encounter the art, they feel like there is opportunity in how they view their past, present, and future." —Illustrator Justine Edge

Art from the spiral notebook You Are Here, It Is Time, You Are Ready. 

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Desktop | iPhone X | iPhone 11 | Android 

“This spread is meant to really encourage you where you’re at, and remind you that the time to start ‘anything’ is now and you are ready. It says quite a bit in its 9 short words:

“You are here… everything in your life has brought you to this place in time. This can be a huge, life-changing moment or a simple new goal you want to achieve, but you are here for a reason.

“It is time… there’s no better time to start than now. Don’t put it off, don’t wait for something else to come to pass. The time is right now.

“You are ready… everything you’ve experienced, everything you’ve learned, everything you’ve been through to this moment has brought you to this moment and you really are ready! It’s a nudge to take that leap of faith and go for it!” —Illustrator Steve Potter


We hope this season offers you exciting opportunities to explore and embrace the possibilities within you!

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