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May 01, 2023


A Salute to Our Favorite Teachers

Who in your life has been a guiding light on your path? A coach who helped you believe in yourself? A mentor who challenged and elevated your perspective? Every day we’re surrounded by teachers who remind us of everything we are and everything we can become. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re celebrating some of our favorites and the ways these special human beings have made a difference in our lives.

“My first grade teacher Mrs. Yahr gave me the greatest gifts of all—the ability to read and a lifelong love for reading. And without her I wouldn’t get to do what I love today. Even at age six I struggled a lot with trying to make everything perfect. Instead of pressuring me to hurry up my coloring projects in time for recess she instilled in me the confidence to make mistakes, ask questions, and have more fun!

I’ll never forget the day we had a huge earthquake during class and had to hide under our desks. I was terrified but Mrs. Yahr validated our tears and emotions while also making us feel safe instead of scared. Making people feel free to express themselves and giving them strength through tough times are important qualities I strive to emulate as an adult today.” —Carly, Sales Account Manager

“Sheila Hlibichuk taught me a lot about seeing people and caring about them. She brought passion and energy to junior high and high school literature and creative writing, especially in a time in my life when I was kind of floating and a little lost. She made literature seem relatable and interesting, instead of daunting, and it had a lasting impact on me into adulthood. She’s a true gem of a teacher!” —Sam, National Associate Account Manager

“The ultimate teacher in my life is my mom. She teaches high school English and strives to make a difference in all of her students’ lives. The passion and dedication she has in fostering imagination and working towards a more just and equal society are good reminders for me in my own life. To use my voice to stand up for what’s right and to pursue my creative passions without a fear of failure.” —Moira, Content Marketing Manager 

“My 12th grade political science teacher, Coach Berry, had the ability to make the dry words from a textbook come to life. He encouraged me to think critically about the function of government, helped me recognize the theater of politics, and instilled the importance of understanding my own beliefs. I am a better person and citizen because of him.” —Chau, Customer & Sales Support Specialist

To every educator adding more hope, passion, and encouragement to our lives through their dedication and heart, we want to share our heartfelt thanks.


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