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February 08, 2021


7 Fun and Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day may require a bit more creativity this year. But that opens the door to discover some truly memorable ways to celebrate your love.

To help with your planning, we put together a few date ideas, inspired by the illustrations from our gift book 1,000 Little Ways I Love Us . The best part is, each one of these dates can be enjoyed from the comforts of your home!

  1. Have an indoor picnic

Lay out a giant throw blanket in the living room, grab your favorite bottle of wine, and create a romantic dining experience. Consider a charcuterie board or an assortment of finger foods. They can be artfully arranged and they’re easy to nibble on while you’re sitting on the floor. Add a few cozy pillows, a flower arrangement, and a framed picture of the two of you for an extra special touch!

2. Cook a new meal together

    It’s not unusual to get in a routine where one person does all the cooking. For Valentine’s Day, why not go on a culinary adventure together? Choose a new recipe you’re both excited to re-create, have a cook-off, or let your partner take the main course while you try your hand at dessert. Whatever you cook, you’re sure to make some wonderful (and hopefully delicious!) memories together. 

    3. Make art together

    No previous experience is required for this artistic evening, just a commitment to relax and have fun. Grab some pencils and a sketch pad and see what comes out. Get a stack of colorful craft paper and make greeting cards for family and friends. Or for a more structured experience, you can sign up for a virtual painting class. Art is a great opportunity to unleash your creativity and appreciate the beauty in each other.

    4.  Have a game night

    Charades. Chess. Monopoly. Scrabble. Take your pick for a fun-filled date-night duel. Games are the perfect way to enjoy some playful banter and friendly competition. Don’t forget to include a prize for the winner to raise the stakes and the fun!

    5. Hold a dance party

    Move the furniture around and make room for a Valentine’s Day dance floor. Fill your playlist with your favorite tunes or choose songs with special meaning in your relationship. For an even more unique experience, choose a theme like “high school prom” or “′70s disco,” then dress up in clothes to match the moment!

    6. Take a trip—at home

    Have you been dreaming of places you’d like to travel together? Use your imagination to turn your living room into a memorable “getaway.” Want to take a camping trip in a national park? Turn on the nature sounds, set up a blanket fort, and make some stove-top s’mores. Fantasizing about a wine tour through France? Let your taste buds take you there by setting up your own wine tasting, complete with authentic French cuisine. Enjoy an escape together right where you are!

    7. Movie Marathon

    Valentine’s Day is a great reason to snuggle up and watch a romantic movie. Make a big bowl of popcorn or grab a selection of boxed candy to bring the theater experience to your living room. You can even light a few candles to make your sweet night in even more picture perfect.


    We hope these ideas help you find heartfelt ways to celebrate your special someone on Valentine’s Day—or any day!

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