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July 03, 2024


5 Wedding Gifts We Love

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Summer is wedding season, which means it’s time to find gifts to celebrate the happy couple. Checking off that waffle maker or glassware set from a registry can help the newlyweds build their home together, but sometimes it’s nice to find a sentimental gift that supports a couple’s emotional connection too.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite wedding presents. Whether you bring them to the big day or share them as engagement party or bridal shower gifts, each one offers creative and meaningful ways to honor lifelong love.

The Story of Us

An Anniversary Keepsake Book of Years, Days, and Memories

This is a place to capture a couple’s unique love story—the story of everything they’ve been, everything they are, and everything they’re growing to be. Inside are 20 years’ worth of prompts to complete on an anniversary. Couples can use the pages to write down memories and milestones, challenges and growth. Each question is a chance to reflect on their love through a treasured anniversary ritual they can enjoy year after year. Find The Story of Us.

Sweet Memories

50 Heart-Filled Ideas & Activities to Do as a Couple

Regular date nights can keep romance fresh, but coming up with new ideas can be a challenge. These activity cards take all the pressure out of planning so a couple can focus on each other instead! From flying a kite on a windy day to putting on an apron and baking something delicious, each idea is a chance to share laughs and create lots of memory-worthy moments. Find Sweet Memories.

Love Notes

A Letter-Writing Kit Written by You about Your Relationship

There is nothing like receiving a good old-fashioned love letter. This keepsake kit includes 20 themed notes to write to your partner. Choose from topics such as shared dreams, shared joys, and growing together, then use the letter to express your heart. The notes can be given all at once, or exchanged when the moment is just right. Find Love Notes.

Love You Most

20 Playful Notes to Share

These cute compliment cards are an opportunity to sneak an unexpected smile into a loved one’s day. Couples will have fun tucking the cards into a mirror, hiding them throughout their home, or sticking them under a windshield for their partner to find. With sweet sentiments such as “I love your face,” “I’ll always love you the most-est,” and “I’m your not-so-secret admirer,” these cards are sure to make someone feel special, whether given on a birthday, anniversary, or just because! Find Love You Most.

On This Day

A Wedding Guest Book

If you’re heading to a wedding shower, help the couple get ready for the big day by gifting this elegant wedding guest book. It includes plenty of space for family and friends to write down well-wishes, words of wisdom, and memories to hold close. It also features thoughtful quotes to add an extra special touch to the writing experience. Years after the wedding bells chime, this guest book will be a place the couple can return to and remember the love that has surrounded them all throughout their journey together. Find On This Day.


Discover more wedding gifts and cards for the big day.

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