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December 13, 2021


25 Ways to Make Your Holidays Magical

“…live richly with eyes open, and heart, too.” —Gwendolyn Brooks

The smell of nutmeg and cinnamon in hot apple cider, the songs from your favorite holiday movie, the first bite of a freshly frosted sugar cookie—the holidays offer so many wonderful gifts. It’s a time filled with treats for your senses and for your soul.

To help you savor the season, we’ve put together a list of 25 fun holiday activities to add a little extra joy to your days. Whether you’re traveling to visit loved ones or staying cozy at home, we hope these ideas inspire new holiday traditions and create memories you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Connect with Family and Friends

  1. Start a family journal and record your favorite moments from the year.
  2. Set a dress code for a festive dinner at home, whether black-tie or ugly-sweater.
  3. Have a cookie bake-off in your kitchen or with loved ones over Zoom.
  4. Host a scavenger hunt for ornaments in your house or around your neighborhood.
  5. Make hot chocolate and share what you are thankful for.

Make Your Home Merry & Bright

  1. Start a holiday-inspired collection, such as toy nutcrackers, figurines, or snow globes.
  2. Have a movie marathon while making popcorn and cranberry garland.
  3. Cut out paper snowflakes to hang in your windows.
  4. Compose a festive playlist, then have a personal dance party.
  5. Complete a holiday-themed puzzle.

Tap into Your Creativity

  1. Make a wreath for your front door.
  2. Build a gingerbread house with your favorite sweets.
  3. Craft homemade holiday cards to send to faraway friends.
  4. Create personalized ornaments for your loved ones.
  5. Make a time capsule and hide it in the house.

Spread the Holiday Cheer

  1. Leave a holiday card for your mail carrier.
  2. Send a gift or letter of appreciation to a favorite teacher.
  3. Challenge a friend to see who can complete the most random acts of kindness.
  4. Bake a plate of cookies for a nearby senior.
  5. Deliver gifts to a veterans or children’s hospital.

Connect with Your Community

  1. Exchange holiday recipes with your neighbors.
  2. Take a tour of holiday lights.
  3. Get your photo taken with Santa.
  4. Organize a food or winter clothing drive.
  5. Volunteer with your favorite nonprofit.

Whatever you choose to do this holiday season, may your celebrations offer you a heart full of hope for the good things to come!

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