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November 10, 2022


20 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer with ThoughtFulls

From sending heartwarming cards to playing festive tunes, the holidays are for infusing magic into everyday moments. To help you add to the wonder of the season, we’ve gathered 20 fun and easy ideas for sprinkling unexpected delight with ThoughtFulls. Each ThoughtFulls pop-open card holds a sweet, hidden message, perfect for sharing warm wishes with your community circles.

Here are just a few ways you can use these little pocket-sized positivity cards to spark big smiles during the most wonderful time of year:

  1. Place Shine at the table settings of a holiday gathering. You can even use the lines on the back to create personalized name cards.
  2. Hand out Wish to people you pass as you go about your daily errands. Give one to your barista or the cashier at your grocery store.
  3. Read quotes from Dream or Carpe Diem at a Friendsgiving or festive dinner with friends and talk about hopes you hold for the year ahead.
  4. Leave Thank You cards in the staff mailboxes at your child’s school and celebrate the hard work and commitment that goes on all year long.
  5. Give You Matter with a plate of cookies to health-care workers at a local hospital and remind them how much they are appreciated.
  6. Tie a ribbon to a Merry Christmas card and wrap it around a potted poinsettia as an inspiring host gift.
  7. Tuck Holiday Cheer inside your seasonal greeting cards to share extra joy with loved ones near and far.
  8. Leave You’re Awesome on your coworkers’ desks with a sweet holiday treat to show your appreciation for your team.
  9. Slip Believe into Christmas stockings to inspire more moments of merriment throughout the year.
  10. Hide You’re Wonderful around your neighborhood—on doormats, under windshield wipers, inside mailboxes—to start a wave of kindness in your community.
  11. Open up a Life Is Beautiful card every morning and reflect on the quotes like a creative Advent calendar.
  12. Open a Yay, You! card every day, then text a photo of the quote to a faraway friend or family member. You’ll be giving yourself a chance to reflect on your own possibilities while celebrating someone else’s!
  13. Tie Smile to a present as a creative gift tag, or choose a theme in line with the color palette of your wrapping paper.
  14. Let your child add a You’re Incredible or You Rock card to their letter to Santa so they can experience the joy of showing appreciation.
  15. Leave your mail carrier a thank-you note alongside a box of Thanks ThoughtFulls and express your gratitude for the ways they make your mailbox merry during the holidays.
  16. String ribbon through Love Life cards and hang them on a Christmas tree like ornaments. The brilliant greens and reds of the design are sure to pop among your decorations.
  17. Pass out Happy Day to residents at a local nursing home and bring a bright ray of sunshine to their day.
  18. Create care packages for families of patients in a local children’s hospital and include Hope cards to offer encouragement and support.
  19. Share a Be Strong card with someone for which the holidays can be a challenging time and remind them they are seen and loved.
  20. Pop open a Mindfulness card every morning to make room for a moment of self-care during the busy holiday season.

We hope these ThoughtFulls ideas inspire you to spread good tidings and cheer right where you are—and that every act you engage in awakens the spirit of the holidays in your heart.

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