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April 19, 2022


15 Simple Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day with ThoughtFulls

From sharing a compliment with a stranger to sending an encouraging note to a friend, the smallest unexpected kindness can make a world of difference. And oftentimes, when you make others feel good, those feelings come right back to you. Research shows that engaging in acts of kindness stimulates your body’s production of serotonin, which is a natural mood booster. Plus, helping others can reduce your stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure!

Life offers so many wonderful invitations to make someone else to smile. We put together several simple ideas to help you spark positivity using our beloved ThoughtFulls. Each themed box holds 30 uplifting messages, tucked inside little pop-open cards. That means there are 30 opportunities to make someone’s day a little brighter—and your world a little kinder too.

  1. Slip Believe or Dream into your neighbors’ mailboxes to offer them inspiration in the midst of shuffling through bills and circulars.
  2. Hide Trust Your Crazy Ideas around your neighborhood for strangers to find—under windshield wipers, on welcome mats, or in Little Free Libraries.
  3. Tuck You Matter into all the staff mailboxes at your child’s school.
  4. Add Be Happy to a plate of freshly baked cookies to give to a friend.
  5. Place Yay, You! on a coworker’s desk to let them know how much you appreciate their presence.
  6. Put Smile in a library book to give the next reader an inspiring bookmark.
  7. Add You’re Wonderful cards to the place settings at your next dinner party or gathering.
  8. Tuck Wish into a greeting card and send it off to a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  9. Give Thanks to your favorite teacher or mentor to remind them how much they matter.
  10. Use Shine as a gift tag to put a smile on the recipient’s face even before they unwrap the present.
  11. Create a scavenger hunt for your sweetie by hiding Love for them to find.
  12. Share Be Strong with a loved one who is navigating a difficult situation or season.
  13. Put You Can Do It into a child’s backpack before a big test or sports match.
  14. Pass out Hope to patients and staff at a local veterans’ hospital.
  15. Shower Mom and Dad with heartfelt praise by giving a You’re Awesome card every day for a week.

We hope this list is just the start of a wave of good feelings and meaningful connection in your life. Discover all of our ThoughtFulls themes for your acts of kindness here.

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