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Activity Sheets and Discussion Guides for Our Children's Books

How do you help a child believe in their own unique talents? Or find the confidence to try something new? Or face fears with resilience and courage? Children’s books can be a wonderful entry point to consider life’s big questions and start meaningful discussions.

To help you explore important topics with a child in your life, we’ve created a collection of discussion guides and activity sheets from our bestselling children's books. Featuring themes such as navigating failure, embracing your ideas, and developing a growth mindset, we hope these activity sheets can be resources for thoughtful conversation and connection.

Maybe Book

Maybe: A Story about the Endless Potential in All of Us

Discover and Utilize Your Unique Gifts

Download the Maybe activity sheet.

What’s something only you can do? Maybe is a celebration of all the possibilities we hold inside us. It’s a magical tale about a young girl who discovers she can make the world a better place simply by being herself.

WhyNot-Landscape-Spread3_Cropped_Small_1000px Long Side_72dpi_RGB

Why Not?: A Story about Discovering Our Bright Possibilities

Embrace Adventure and Give Each Day Your Best

Download the Why Not? activity sheet

What if life is even more miraculous than you’ve imagined? Why not find out for yourself? The words in Why Not? are here to cheer you on—to encourage you to be brave, live with your whole heart, and become whoever you want to be. This book is an invitation to embrace big possibilities.

Idea Book

What Do You Do With an Idea?

Nurture Wonderfully Wild Ideas 

Download the What Do You Do With an Idea? activity sheet.

How do you find the courage to embrace a big idea? What Do You Do With an Idea? follows a young boy who has an idea but doesn’t know what to do with it. Along the way, he discovers that becoming friends with his idea can lead to amazing things.

Problem Book

What Do You Do With a Problem?

Learn how Problems Help Us Grow

Download the What Do You Do With a Problem? activity sheet.

How do you face a problem? What Do You Do With a Problem? is a story of a boy and a problem that seems to follow him around. Its presence makes him worry, until he learns all the good things it has to offer him.

Chance Book

What Do You Do With a Chance?

Overcome Fear and Take Exciting Chances

Download the What Do You Do With a Chance? activity sheet.

What can you do to make yourself feel brave? Sometimes that is what’s needed when we have the opportunity to take a chance. In What Do You Do With a Chance? we explore what it looks like to let go of fear to see where new experiences may lead us.

Noticing Trying Books

Trying and Noticing

Inspire a Growth Mindset


Download the Trying activity sheet.

What would you tell someone who is afraid to fail? Trying is a story about the power of failure and how much it can teach us. Following an aspiring sculptor and his teacher, Trying takes us through the emotional journey of learning something new.


Download the Noticing activity sheet.

Look closely. There is so much to love and appreciate. There is so much to discover. Noticing is about the excitement of what happens when we look closely at the world around us. Readers will learn that there is greatness to discover in many places… and most importantly, in themselves.

The Storytellers Handbook

The Storyteller's Handbook

Discover the Importance of Your Own Unique Stories

Download the The Storyteller's Handbook activity sheet.

A fantastical storybook with no words, The Storyteller's Handbook inspires readers to use their imaginations and let their creativity lead them to new possibilities. Each page offers an opportunity to explore meaning and ask questions. Readers will feel encouraged to create their own stories and to express their own personal viewpoints.

The Candy Dish book

The Candy Dish

Reflect on the Power of Gratitude

Download the The Candy Dish activity sheet.

What happens when something truly miraculous shows up in your life? Do you recognize it? Do you appreciate it? Do you see it for what it really is? The Candy Dish celebrates the beauty and joy we can find when we choose to recognize all that we already have and see each day as an exciting, unique experience.